Rachel Payne Endorsed by EMILY's List


Rachel Payne received the endorsement from EMILY’s List, the nation’s most influential women’s political organization. Last year, the organization placed Congressman Dana Rohrabacher “On Notice” as one of its top targets for 2018.

In a statement from EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock, she said, “Rachel Payne is a hardworking leader whose experience and leadership in the technology industry means that she knows how to create a new American economy that works for middle-class families…While at Google.org, Rachel used her experience and passion for bettering people’s lives to spearhead policy and infrastructure improvements that benefit poor and rural communities around the world.”

“I am incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of EMILY’s List," stated Rachel Payne. "They understand that we not only have an opportunity to defeat Dana Rohrabacher but also ensure that women will have a strong voice in Congress. Orange County deserves a representative who will focus on our transforming economy, equity in the workplace, health care, and climate change. I will use my problem-solving skills to bring people together and put forth innovative solutions for Orange County’s most pressing problems in Congress.”

Rachel Payne is an ideal candidate at a time of transition to a new economy and has experience in building tech ecosystems and tools that improve people’s lives. Throughout her career, she has championed policies that make a meaningful place for everyone in the new economy.

In contrast, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher advances an agenda that hurts Orange County. Distracted by Russia and siding with Paul Ryan on a health care plan that would have cost more than 2.5 million Californians their health insurance, Rohrabacher is proving to be a vulnerable incumbent. Rachel will be a champion for working people, and her candidacy provides one of the best opportunities for Democrats to pick up this seat.

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