Orange County Register: Tech executive brings field of Rohrabacher challengers to 12

Rachel Payne was recently featured in the Orange County Register. Read their coverage of her campaign announcement. "Tech executive Rachel Payne says she’s been considering a campaign challenge of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher since spring. 'I wanted to see how the field played out and who else would run,' said the 42-year-old Democrat."

"...Payne, who expected to formally announce her candidacy today, becomes the eighth Democrat in the contest.

She points to experience working at Google, working with groups providing micro-financing small business startups in Africa and Latin America, and to the artificial intelligence company she co-founded as uniquely preparing her for the job.

“The issues people care about now are what I’ve been working on for the last 20 years,” said Payne, who has an MBA from Stanford and BA in government from Smith College. “Health care, jobs, jobs of the future, successful entrepreneurship. I have familiarity with stakeholders and I have experience.”

Part of her time at Google was working for the company’s philanthropic arm, managing financing that encourage entrepreneurship in developing countries. Her company, Prizma, specializes in viewer analytics and content presentation for news, lifestyle and sports sites.

Payne shares a campaign emphasis on job needs and wage growth...says technology is where jobs are growing now and in the future, and call for training — with help from tech businesses — to create a workforce for the future.

Payne was born in San Bernardino, raised in Las Vegas by a single mother and was the first in the family to attend college. She moved to Aliso Viejo — in the southern part of Rohrabacher’s district — in 2010 after changing jobs at Google and beginning to work out of the company’s Irvine office.

She supported Hillary Clinton in last year’s primary and volunteered on the campaign. She said that after the election, she immersed herself in local activism — including becoming a founding member of the Aliso Niguel Democratic Club.

Payne supports a $15 national minimum wage and a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally, provided they are adequately vetted. She says the nation’s health-care system needs fixing but is uncertain whether single payer, Medicare-for-all is the solution.

Rather than an across-the-board lowering of the corporate tax rate, Payne supports using the carrot of lower rates as incentives for businesses — such as rewarding a company with a lower rate if they repatriate profits to the U.S."

Read the full article here.

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